At Saturday’s San Francisco Bodysurfing Classic not everyone got the word not to turn it up to 11.
Mark Cunningham was one of many who traveled to SF to take in the ASP’s second urban adventure, see Keith Malloy’s bodysurf documentary and enter an illicit bodysurfing contest.
Saturday’s lay day monster and his mom.
Times are a-changing at the autograph factory. Let’s hope surfing can change with them.
At Mollusk prior to Alex Kopps’ show, where else?
Fair warning.
Title clinch, take two.
Rabid, cold, damp fans.
Autograph seeker.
Kelly fans.
Number 11.
VFWs may never again be this crowded.
The face of surfing twenty years on.
Everyone wants a picture of the champ…
The army, enough for an army.
I won! I totally won!
“Mate, did you see Kelly’s barrel on the last wave?”