At The Water's Edge: Observing Interactions With The Coastal Environment.

At the water's edge politics were once reputed to stop; as recently as fifty years ago polite society wrote coastal regions off as unredeemable and dangerous wildernesses populated with roustabouts and worse. Today there is no easy consensus in foreign policy and our coasts are the most desired, politically contested, and environmentally burdened regions on earth. Facing rising sea levels, depleted resources, massive storms, and unsupportable population densities, the very geography of the coast is under siege.

As coastal protection, resource management, and access are debated and contentiously adjudicated people still travel to the coast for recreation in record numbers— often oblivious to ongoing debates about access, use, and exploitation of coastal resources. How people value what they find at the coast is of paramount importance as humanity reckons with difficult questions about stewardship of earth's climate and environment, questions which will define our and the earth's future.

The coast has become a battleground, even as it remains merely a day at the beach. These images represent a formal photographic survey of this battleground.
Vista Point, Big Sur
Seal, La Jolla
Soak, Hellulaug
High Tide, North County
Surfing, Indicators
Jersey Barricades, Sloat
Beach Walk, Kelly's Cove
A Day At The Beach, Huntington
Selfie, The Cove
Surfing, Secrets
Pin Up, Pearl Harbor
Tiger, Shelter Cove
Going For A Swim, La Jolla
Panning For Gold, Plaskett Creek
Trespassing, Devil's Slide
Cold Splash, Ocean Beach
Surfing, Pipes
Wreck, Dockweiler
Sunbathing, Troncones
Road Work, Cortez
Sunbathing, Las Playitas
Going Home, Bluff Cove