Education: BFA San Francisco Art Institute, 1991; Sobel Merit Scholarship, Departmental Merit Scholarship: Photography

Bio: J. 'Sandy' Matt’s mother, M. Matt, attended swimming lessons with the infant Sandy at the local YMCA and, with R. Matt and the infant A. Matt, traveled to the beach as both a day tripper and camper. A variety of toy surfboards followed and upon entering the second grade the Morey Boogie began its ascendency, dooming children's workaday aspirations worldwide. Introduced to fishing, diving, body-surfing and paipo boards by family friends an innate desire to go to the beach only grew. Already experienced riding the red tankers and outrigger canoes of Sammy Steamboat’s beach concession through the school ‘Summer Fun’ program, when given a 7’-0” Lightning Bolt with a snapped pintail, sixth-grade Sandy accepted this gift as an omen and totem.

Setting up shop in the front yard with supplies procured at Ben Aipa’s ill-fated retail surf shop in Kaimuki a new tail was shaped and Sandy began taking the board to Waikiki with the neighborhood kids; even paddling across the Ala Wai canal against all better judgment and respect for personal hygiene. Surfing, body-surfing and skateboarding continued apace, even in the face of being refused a surfboard for Christmas because Santa didn’t want to create another “dope-smoking surfer bum”. Eventually Sandy matriculated at the San Francisco Art Institute graduating in 1991 and, having achieved a variety of photographic scholastic acknowledgements, quickly became that kid who probably could have done a lot more with their talent—even with very little dope smoking.

Having completed a 20 year residence on the scenic Sixth St. Corridor in San Francisco Sandy is testing the waters in suburban Torrance—shaping surfboards for friends and personal use, battling the moral ambiguities of having a paying gig that contributes to gentrification and plotting surf trips abroad in La Tortuga (a Land Cruiser HJ60- "¡Lento y Contento!") in addition to pursuing photo and writing projects that might actually pay.

And yes, that is J. Matt surfing throughout the site. Surfing is fun and tube rides are where it's at. A million thanks to the friends that took the pics!

"My songs sound like hits to me."
-Alex Chilton


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Portrait Of The Artist As A Younger Surfer; OBSFPortrait Of The Artist As A Younger Surfer; OBSF